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A variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are used for stone cladding, the principal rock types are granite, limestone, marble, travertine, quartz-based stone (sandstone, quartzite) and slate. Other varieties of dimension stone that are normally considered to be special minor types include alabaster (massive gypsum), soapstone (massive talc), serpentine and various products fashioned from natural stone.

Architects and specifiers can let our experience work for them in sourcing the correct stone for a particular job. From aesthetics, physical properties and durability, through to assessments on the availability of a particular stone and the production capabilities of the quarry. Correct stone selection is essential to overall success of any project.



Stone has a versatile use in Architecture. Stone is the only building material that can be used as a structural member, a finishing material or aesthetic material. The oldest known structures use stone a structural material. Be it any civilization, stone has been an integral part of its architecture.

Load-Bearing Structure:
A load-bearing wall or a bearing wall, is one in which a wall of a stone bears the weight and force resting upon it, conducting the vertical load from the upper structure to the foundation. The birth of the skyscraper era, the concurrent rise of steel and aluminum as a more suitable framing system, and the limitations of load-Bearing construction in large buildings led to a decline in the use of Load-Bearing walls in a large scale, commercial structures.

Dry Clad Stone Facade:
Dry Clad Stone Facades were developed to protect buildings against the combine action of rain and wind by counter-balancing the effect of water beating on the wall and keeping the building dry, with high level aesthetic characteristics and undisputed advantages of heat insulation and sound proofing. The dry cladding system is a mechanical securing system where no adhesive is necessary for its installation. The system works by mean of securing and supporting stone slabs by kerfs or back anchors. The system is articulated by the means of relevant fastners, separating the natural stone sheets with vertical and horizontal joints. The joints between the natural stone panel must always be open.

Aum Enterprises specialises in designing cladding systems as per design requirements and developing them to execute projrcts at site. Our experience in execution helps us design systems that are relevant to modern times. Our engineering associates assist us with the necessary structural expertise and calculations.



Our design team is always on hand to assist Architects and Clients in the formulation of their design, whether it to be contemporary or traditional in nature, in accordance with current and relevant standards and recognized Codes of Practice. This leads to the preparation of key-marked working drawings, cutting schedules and templates required by the quarry engaged to manufacture the stone. This service is supplemented by fixing design and Structural Engineer’s calculations. Stone fixing detail is of paramount importance as the durability and aesthetic characteristics of a particular stone can be utilised in achieving best possible results.

For any project to be executed in a systematic manner, stone shop drawing and details have to be perfect. This can to a certain extend reduce time in installation and wastage in stone cutting. The drawings are prepared by expert CAD operators who have to understand stone qualities well. All details are approved by the architects or planners Sometimes at the detailing stage we can encounter certain limitations which can be fixed in the drawings stages rather than stretching them on site. A typical example of shop drawing and details is sketched below.



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The experience of the masons is of paramount importance in achieving high quality stonework. Aum Enterprise is associated with the best stone masons, which ensures the material is handled, installed, cleaned and protected to very high standards. In addition to efficient installation, the Company Management service, aimed at resolving any potential problems at the earliest stage, to ensure a smooth-running project – within budget and on time.



Natural stone is the oldest building material known to mankind. Stone structures have stood tall for ages and the uses of dimension stone in Architecture has evolved with time. Stone resonates nature, class and durability which makes it an exciting material to work in for designer and planners. However, in the current climate stone has been marginalized, this is due to bad stone selection, lack of design information, inaccurately produced stone, poor quality fixing and inadequate cost planning.

Aum Enterprise is a sincere effort in India to promote stone as a building material and eradicate any prejudice against its use to clients, specifies, architects, specialist masonry builders and the general public in understanding all aspects of natural stone, from quarrying to its use in the built environment.